Why to choose us

We diagnose and treat the diseases based on Ayurvedic principles only.

We follow 4 limbs of successful Ayurvedic treatments :-

1. Yes, our doctors are very well qualified & experienced , patiently listen to your health issues, and suggest effective treatment.

2. Yes, our medicines are- most of them prepared by us starting from buying raw herbs and making formulations, are safe & effective.

3. Yes, we have highly trained emphatic staff who provide you classical therapies and look after you well.

4. And, finally yes, most of our patients believe in Ayurveda, follow it’s principles regularly and do not self-medicate themselves.

Ayurvedic medicines

Medicine products at our very own Hitayu Ayurvedic Center to ensure the highest levels of purity, efficacy and quality. You’ll also feel confident knowing that we manufacture most of our Ayurvedic medicines like lehyam (paste), Vatis (Tablets), Gutikhas ( Round tablets), Churnas ( Powder), Ashwaritas (Liquid preparation), Khasaya Churnas (Decoction Powder), Grita (medicted Ghee preparation), Taila(Medicted Oils), Leyhpas (External Application), Mulhams (Ointment) and etc.

We serve people from all around the world

Patients come to Amruth Ayurvedic Centre from around the India and abroad -the USA, Australia, Germany and other countries. No matter who they are, they all expect one thing – that they receive high-quality, personalized, effective treatment. We are pleased to say that the vast majority of our patients come from personal references of friends and families — people who have regained their health through the quality treatments that we provide. We also have a large number of repeat patients, demonstrating that people trust us because they have received successful healthcare from Amruth Ayurvedic in the past.

Whether you want to consult an Ayurvedic doctor in person, or get a Panchakarma therapy done, locate your nearest Amruth Ayurvedic Centre and give us the opportunity to serve you.

We promise a quality service with individual care

At Amruth Ayurvedic Centre, you will find a variety of treatments to meet your specific needs customized herbal remedies, therapeutic massages, relaxing oil treatments, and more. Our experienced doctors and staff will provide you with personalized care for a unique healing experience.

​If you are seeking authentic, quality Ayurvedic treatment for yourself or a loved one, contact at Amruth Ayurveda Doctor now. There are a number of ways you can easily contact us. Our highly-qualified doctors will quickly help you diagnose your health issue, and determine the right method of treatment.