We are qualified & trained in Ayurvedic diagnosis & treatment methods which are  unique and hence we may not be able to give details about your health issues based on other system of medicines such as Allopathy.

Ayurvedic Consultation

“Ayurveda medicines are natural. These natural things are normally friendly, non-harming, beneficial and suitable to the Human system (body).  Ayurveda medicines are natural medicines and our body  system accepts them without giving rise to any adverse violent reaction.

Our classical Ayurvedic Approach

Your decision to have an Ayurvedic consultation is the very first step towards the beginning of your ‘Ayurvedic Journey’. Consulting a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner is a vital asset for this journey. Therefore, it is essential that you choose your Ayurvedic Practitioner carefully in terms of proper qualification and experience.

We follow the traditional way of ‘Roga-Rogi Pareesksha’ (Patient-Disease examination according to Ayurveda)- a detail Ayurvedic assessment, constitution analysis, state of energies in your body and mind,advice on different aspects of your life,rejuvenation, and how to bring back the healthy status or maintain current healthy status via diet, exercise, herbs, meditation, yoga etc.

At Hitayu Ayurvedic Center, our practitioners are qualified and experienced, who belong to a family of Ayurvedic practitioners.

Our Ayurvedic consultation focuses on you as an individual rather than the disease itself and covers all aspects of life . It is all about balancing your Doshas (energies) to create a desired environment of health in to your life, through  Ayurveda herbs,dietary changes, healthy activities and other modalities.

You will asked for follow up if required.