Our unique Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Vajikarana and Rasayana treatment modalities which are individualizes according to the patients’ problem.
We are trained and experienced in dealing with male and female infertility issues with classical Ayurveda approach and medicines.
We believe in providing clinical results and most of our patients are now proud parents of their own children.
We encourage couple not to postponed the plans of having a baby and start taking Ayurveda care as soon as possible for a healthy progeny.
If you have any fertility concerns for Male or Female, and would like to take a step early than later.
We are here to help and provide you the best Ayurveda treatments.


Vajikarana is one among the 8 branches of Ayurveda. Vajikarana has acquired this position by its wide scope, importance, implementation and application. By nature,Human benigs is in search of pleasure (happiness) since his existence on the earth.
It is the journey from the period of Veda to present days of viagra. Vajikarana means a treatment by which a man becomes as strong as a horse in the sexual act, the term ‘Vaji’ also means seminal fluid and spermatozoa. It also defined as that the medicine by which a man becomes very strong and liked by the women and which improves the bodily health.
Ayurveda- the science of life, is recognized for its hidden treasure for solving the sexual and infertility issues of human beings. A perusal of the subject denotes that the science Vajikarana added the feather of art during the periods of ‘ Vathsayana’, in his famous work’ Kamasutra’. He has dealt in detail regarding the science and art of sex. He has borrowed plenty of information from the Vajikarana chapters of Ayurvedic texts.
Not just helping you to have a baby but having a healthy one with lot of Ayurvedic goodness
The concept of Garbhotpatti is compared with
Ankurotpatti of plants. For the proper growth and development of any crop, four suitable
conditions are required which are: Proper Rutu (Season), Proper Kshetra (cultivated land),
Proper Ambu (Water supply), and Proper Beeja (Uncontaminated seeds). From the four
essential factors for Garbha, i.e., Rutu, Kshetra, Ambu, and Beeja, the woman is responsible for the two important factors i.e. Kshetra and Beeja. In female, the period which is most
favorable to conceive is called as Rutu Kala. It is also called as fertile period. Rutu (Period of conception) is of 12 days when Artava is manifested

Treating Infertility

Know and understand the imbalanced between doshas in your body including your age and relationship status.
Bringing healthY changes in your routine.
You can boost your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby, either naturally or in conjunction with fertility treatment, by making sure your body is in good health. We strongly encourage couple to adopt Ayurvedic lifestyle for a health progeny.
Having sex in correct time-The timing and frequency of sexual intercourse is critical to conception. So it is important to know what is the best time to get pregnant.
Panchakarma Procedures.
Ayurvedic medicines for fertility.
The most important one is – keeping your MANASIKA (Mental Health) level positives.