Hypothyroidism may be caused by problems within the thyroid gland that causes insufficient circulation of the thyroid hormone. Symptoms show a decrease in metabolism, with the slowing of mental and physical activity. Patients may experience a variety of differing symptoms such as sensitivity to cold, dryness of the skin, Constipation, Anorexia, Angina pain, Anemia and disordered menstrual function. Hypothyroidism treatment is effective. It is a combination of herbal medicines, which is prepared according to the individual health aspects of the patient, along with personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations.


This disease is caused by pituitary or hypothalamic disease or certain medications. Additionally, there can be other causes diagnosed during consultation, all of which are considered when providing precise, root-cause Hypothyroidism treatment.


Menstrual problems

High levels of lethargy

Coldness in the hands and/or feet

Frequent constipation

Frequent headaches

Dry skin



Management of Hypothyroidism :

As mentioned by charaka10 “vikaranamakusalo” exact nomenclature is not necessary for all the diseases. It insists on diagnosis of constitutional status of the disease.

As per the nidana Hypothyroidism can be classified as 1.Primary (thyroid failure) 2. Secondary, (due to pituitary TSH deficit). And 3. Tertiary (due to hypothalamic deficiency of TRH), the later two are rare and may not be amicable to Ayurvedic treatments.

If hypothyroidism results due to Genetical and hereditary defects, these comes under adibala pravritta vyadhis and these are asadhya.

If hypothyroidism results due to Congenital defects like thyroid gland agenesis, dysgenesis, ectopic thyroid gland comes under Janmabala pravritta vyadhis. These are preventable if proper pathyapathya is followed during pregnancy.

The main cause of hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency, as per sarvadha sarva bahvanam-iodine containing drugs like shigru, jalakumbhi are advised here.

Another main cause autoimmune thyroid disease is characterized by gradual lymphatic infiltration and progressive destruction of the functional thyroid tissue. So it may be Yapya, means that the treatment should be continued Jeevanaparvantam with immuno modulatory drugs.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice :

Take adequate quantities of milk in your diet.

Increase intake of rice, barley, Bengal gram, moong dal and cucumber.

Coconut oil helps in improving body metabolism in thyroid patients.

Avoid heavy and sour foods.