Hair & Skin

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Topical treatment at our centers together with a positive Health supporting life style works great towards a vital glowing complexion We use herbs, flowers, essential oils and naturally occurring minerals to bring the skin to its own perfect balance.

Ayurvedic Face Care

Cleansing, nourishing and protecting are the key factors in Ayurvedic skin care .Totally traditional recipes are designed not only the constitution of the person, but emphasis is laid on the condition or vikruti of the skin selecting the appropriate ingredients that possess the needed qualities and actions to remedy that condition. We follow traditional eight steps in treating the face- in our face treatment satrting from sface massage to ayurvedic face packs. This is done for 30 min.

Recommended for Skin toning, skin texturing, pimple care, improving the complexion, all diseases of facial skin, to improve eye sight and make it stable, removes blemishes, black pigmentation, bluish marks and wrinkles. This is also beneficial in progressive cataract.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Ayurvedic Care for hairs

For thick strong glossy hair, the roots must be firm and the scalp healthy and well nourished.Nutrients are key to healthy hair but to be effective they must reach the roots.Tension in the scalp or fatty deposits block circulation, drying the scalp and literally starve the hair roots.

Head massage:- is the answer for tension relief to improve circulation and freeing the hair roots of dry sebum. Traditionally a variety of herbal oils are used for the head massage. The oils work deeply into the scalp, softens the sebum that is often dry and relaxes and nourishes the nervous system, they rejuvenate the hair roots so that they can once again produce healthy hair.

Hair packs:- A thick paste of hair enhancing herbal leaves /dry herbs will be applied and maintained for 1 hr. Hair packs highlight and enhance natural hair color and brings a glossy shine as well as strength and thickness. These packs are recommended in itching of the scalp (due to dryness or diseases of the scalp), they cure alopecia (balded patches) and give color to the hair.

Ayurvedic Foot Care

Foot care therapy at our center takes care of all the foot problems like Heel Pain

​crack foot,

Calcaneal spurs,

warts or corns ,

skin infections etc.


For a beautiful healthy body

Udvartana (Dry Massage using Herbal Powders)Udwartana is a deep penetrating lymphatic massage using the powder /paste of specific herbs. It is an exfoliating treatment that conditions the skin while pressing stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body.

​​This therapy is a great metabolic activity enhancer and is targeted on fat metabolism. As the therapy opens the circulatory channels the blood circulation improves and fat dissolves. For the Excellency of the skin, elimination of body odor due to pathological causes opt for Udwartana treatment.

Calcaneal spurs,

warts or corns ,

skin infections etc.